Daily Progress Team 4


Today we worked on our shape for our final art piece for our robot to perform.

And we had a slight problem with finalizing the end pieces of our robot and/or making it trace the shape that we programmed by the computer.

We fixed that slight delay by overlooking our mistakes that happened in the programming, and in the end we advanced the robot by redoing the sequence several times.

Our strongest suit is working together and comprehending the difficulties of the program on the computer, etc.


Daily Progress for Team 2!

Today we got a lot done! We learned how to make a spiral with our arm attached to our robot, and one of our team mates started to work on making a lightning bolt. We both are worked super hard to make sure that these things get done! We’re working together collaboratively and well. I hope that we can master the art of the robot by the end of the second week! Plus, check out these cool pictures we took today of our robot!

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Ewok Village Day 2: Testing load and shear forces with pasta towers

Day 2 of the Ewok Village Project included learning about strut designs and testing a variety of simple structures for wind and weight.  Working in partners, students created towers made of pasta.  We then subjected them to a series of tests.  The goal was for students to get ideas for how to elevate their structures and account for forces, making their dwellings more structurally sound.  Here are some pics of day 2!