Projects revealed!!!

Campers have been split up into two groups according to interests and have gotten started on different tasks.

Here, Kyla and Maggie explain Project Quirky Kinetic Contraptions:
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The designing has begun!

Campers have received their first challenge of the day: design a cereal box that Carly’s cat, Coyote George the River Pig can fit inside. As you can see, campers are hard at work calculating area and volume of their cereal box and re-envisioning a box for George’s feline fun!




STEAM Brainstorm: Thetis Island

Photos from our June brainstorming session at Sally’s cabin on Thetis Island, BC.  While Esther, Carly, and Kyle worked to develop three of the STEAM projects, they also ate a lot (thanks to Jenn and Sally’s great cooking) and played quite a bit out in the waters of the Canadian Gulf Islands.

Sphoto-33 photo-22photo-39  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASphoto-27   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA davinci-sketch photo-36 photo-37 photo-38 leoglider Sphoto-26  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA leavingChemainus


Sphoto-28  photo-23

Sphoto-29 davinci_drawing Sphoto-30   Sphoto-35

photo-36  Sphoto-31

Sphoto-32  photo-24