Robotic picassos

Today went well. We still worked on the robot we did a lot of work with cords.we are on step 58/118 . something that we did well was we worked as pretty fast. something we could work on is working better as a team without conflict.

Team 3 Day 2

Today we were able to finish building our robot and we got finished with the program but we could not figure out how to run the program. We were able to download the program but when we tried to run the program nothing happened. After we tried it a few times we decided to try and download the program one more time. Unfortunately we ran out of time and we were not able to test the program but we will try to get the program to work tomorrow. Below are too pictures of our robot. We are looking forward to finding a solution to our programming tomorrow.

Team I Blog

today we made lots of progress. Our robot is now actually looking like a robotic hand /crane. Something that we did well today is that we communicated about who was doing what step and we worked well together. A thing that we could’ve improved is that we could’ve moved on to steps ahead when we were waiting for a part to put a part on.

Daily progress for team 2

Robot picasso’s group 2, Gyro boy

Thursday Nov.15

Today purr team (Emma, Dasaani, Joi and Eleanor) we worked on the self-balancing feet of Gyro-boy. They are wheels attached to a battery to make them move. One of our challenges was finding the right pieces to attach to the robot because the pieces look all the same!