Team 5 Update

Today in Robotic Picassos my team fixed our color sensor and we got our robot to drive then stop, go backwards and turn when it saw the color blue. It was really fun because we got to build more things. Also we made a new little holder thing so that the robot could hold the marker better. Below you will see the art we made today

Team 8 Update

Today we were focused all on programming. At the beginning of the day, we thought of some challenging shapes that our robot could draw. We decided on a not to hard shape but not too easy. We chose Mickey Mouse. The picture above shows what we have so far, the big purple circles are our robot’s. A challenge that we have is trying to get the shape to have ears. The robot will turn but not keep going.

Have a great day!
Kyla and Karlee

Team 7 update

Today in Robotic Picasso, we programed our robot to draw a star. It didn’t work out to well because the programming was a bit off so that the stars points had different angles. Next class, we are going to try to perfect it. We may start a new project.

Have a great day,

K & E

Daily Progress Team 4


Today we worked on our shape for our final art piece for our robot to perform.

And we had a slight problem with finalizing the end pieces of our robot and/or making it trace the shape that we programmed by the computer.

We fixed that slight delay by overlooking our mistakes that happened in the programming, and in the end we advanced the robot by redoing the sequence several times.

Our strongest suit is working together and comprehending the difficulties of the program on the computer, etc.