Team 4 Update

Today, we worked on the shape of the final project.  We had a slight problem with figuring out the colors for our shape.  We also had some difficulties with making nice shapes that are easily visible.
We fixed that slight problem by adjusting our marker, and we made it better because it made it more specific.

Thank you for reading about our work in Robotic Picassos!

Daily Progress for Team 2!


Today we worked a lot on our final project for the STEAM Showcase next Wednesday. Our final drawing that our robot is going to make is a flower with a stem on the end with two little leaves. Actually, the leaves are harder than you think! It’s a lot of fun figuring out the challenge though, and we really enjoy doing it! The pictures below are of the art that our robot made and out new robot with the arm! Enjoy!

Team 6 Robotics Update

Today we worked on programing our robot to make a flower. We learned that what we were trying to do was actually physically impossible, but we have managed to get it close to the final product. Here are some pictures of the robot and programs we are using:

Thanks, and have a great day,
Sophia and Emma