Team 3 Day 6

Today we used our time very effectively. We were able to figure out a way to attach the pen that will do the drawing/art. We were also able to figure out a way to make the paper spin and move in the way we wanted it to so that the robot would make the design we programmed. One more accomplishment we made was finishing the program, it is going to make a really cool design. When we tested our robot with the program it made the design we wanted!! Below are some pictures of our paper roller and our robot with the attachment.

22 November, 2013 15:15

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we did really well we finished making the robot and now we have to program. we keep encouraging each other and we made sure we never gave up.

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We made a lot of progress programming the robot and the robot now knows how to, Turn
Pick up stuff
Toot like an elephant
Sound like a snake
Say Thank you
And More!
It went really well

Robotics Team #3

Hi Rosetta,Today we got a lot of programing done and it was fun. Jocelyn and Bryn worked on this super long program and it didn’t work so Jocelyn had to fix it. I finished mine and Olivia finished hers it was really hard to program to go back and forth so I had to experiment. Today was productive and fun Olivia and I got each of our programs done and Jocelyn and Bryn got their program done.
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