robotic picassos

Today were working on programing the robot to draw somethingWhat we could of done better was being more careful so the robot isn’t breaking as much.
One thing we did well was program it to draw a seven on a piece of paper.
We’ve gotten a lot done since Friday!

Robotics team 3

Hi Rosetta,Our team was so efficient, Jocelyn and Bryn made the platform for the robot, and I did the music which took forever. Our program is done and finally complete it is so awesome. The program is super long! The paper roll and the robot on the right is ours.

robotics blog

We have gotten a lot of work done since we started this project. Already we have built the robot and programmed it. Today we started programming our robot to make art. We are going to do paint splatters. We also improved our clamp by adding more grip with rods. A way that we could have worked better is that I think that we could have worked as a team instead of individuals.

team 4

today we got our puppy robot to respond to colors like blue said blue yellow sits and green makes it stand up. We had trouble making the robot stand up, though we think that may have been due to low battery.